Dr. Stuart Clark-Price
Did you know that our hospital is home to more than 80 veterinarians, including interns, residents, and more than 40 board-certified clinicians? Board-certified veterinarians have completed an additional three to four years of training beyond the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in a particular area of expertise and have passed a national examination.

Our Care Team

You are a very important part of your animal's care team. If a veterinarian referred you to our hospital, he or she will be kept informed about your animal's condition and treatment to help ensure consistent future care. Our hospital staff, including board-certified veterinarians, residents, interns, certified veterinary technicians, and students, will partner with you to provide your animal with the best care possible.

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A board-certified veterinarian is a veterinarian who has completed both an internship and residency in a specialized area of veterinary medicine. These faculty members have completed a rigorous post-graduate certification process recognized by a specific specialty organization.

Residents & Interns

A resident is a veterinarian who has completed an internship and is currently training to become a specialist in their field. Residents are highly involved in patient care, communicating with you and your veterinarians, and teaching veterinary students.

An intern is a veterinarian who is completing a one-year clinical experience in their chosen specialty area.

Both residents and interns are under direct supervision of a board-certified veterinarian.


Clinical experience is a vital part of the education of future veterinarians. As a part of our curriculum, our veterinary students are observing and interacting in the hospital throughout the school year. Each student is closely supervised by a faculty member to ensure the high-quality care and wellness of our patients.

Certified Veterinary Technicians (CVTs)

CVTs are veterinary technicians who have completed a program accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association and passed an examination prescribed by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation. Similar to human nurses, CVTs are integral in patient care and assisting with medical procedures.