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Most companion animals will require anesthesia at some point in their lives. Here are ways to maximize safety:
1. Pre-anesthetic blood work helps identify hidden risks.
2. If your pet is not feeling well, postpone elective procedures until he or she is better.

Anesthesiology/Pain Management

This service provides anesthetic care to animals requiring surgery or extensive diagnostic procedures as well as a range of pain management options for animals recovering from surgery or experiencing orthopedic or chronic pain.

We’re here to improve surgical and diagnostic outcomes by minimizing the stress and discomfort caused by these procedures. Before any anesthetics are administered, we’ll ask for your consent and answer any questions you may have. Any time your animal is given anesthetic care, we perform a comprehensive pre-anesthetic work-up, tailor an anesthetic plan specifically for your animal, perform vigilant patient monitoring before, during, and after anesthesia, and provide pain-relieving medications.

We also offer a comprehensive pain management service that includes acupuncture for pain management in dogs, cats, and horses. Whether hospitalized or as outpatients, animals with surgical, orthopedic, cancer or chronic pain can be individually evaluated and have a protocol designed to achieve the best possible outcome for pain reduction and improvement in quality of life. The outpatient pain service will work with you or your regular veterinarian to provide options.

In addition, we offer acupuncture as a service to complement pain management. Our veterinarian trained in acupuncture will discuss your pet's condition to determine if acupuncture it an option. Typically acupuncture requires a minimum of three to six treatments to determine if acupuncture is going to help. Additional treatments depend on the condition treated.

Please call 217.333.5300 and ask to speak with one of our anesthesiologists if you have questions about a pet that may have a painful condition or if you would like to schedule an appointment for acupuncture.

Meet the Anesthesiology/Pain Management Faculty

Stuart Clark-Price
Stephanie Keating