dog on treadmill
Did you know that approximately 52% of US dogs and cats are overweight? Our Shape Up, Pup! program is helping to address the growing problem. Our experts know that the right combination of weight management, exercise, and, in some cases, prescription medications, can keep your pet at a healthy weight.

Rehabilitation: Weight Management

Our weight management program Shape Up, Pup!© is geared to individually address the needs of your pet.

Just like in people, obesity in pets can lead to several health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, and liver disease. In dogs with orthopedic problems and arthritis, the additional weight can mean more discomfort and increased lameness. Our rehabilitation specialists, Kim Knap or Carrie Chandler-Harrison, with work with you and your veterinarian to calculate diet needs, recommend lifestyle changes, and design an exercise program.

How does it work?

Weight loss for your pet will take commitment from you, but we’ll be there to help all the way. First, we will evaluate your pet to determine caloric needs and recommend what types of food and how much. Next, we’ll determine what kind and how much exercise is appropriate for your pet. Most workouts take place on our doggy land treadmill or underwater treadmill. In addition, we will provide you with specific exercises to do at home with your pet. All of the exercises are meant to be safe and fun. Throughout the process, we will track your pet’s process with weigh-ins, photos, and rewards for milestones.

Can we afford this?

All animals in Shape Up, Pup! are required to have an initial evaluation, which includes an initial exam and body condition scoring, discussion of current feeding practices, calculation of caloric needs and development of new feeding plan, creation of an exercise plan and one exercise session of up to 30 minutes in length, depending on your animal’s condition and progress.

We offer both a pay-as-you-go program and a multi-session package as follows:

  • Initial evaluation $40-$100
  • Exercise session (up to 30 minutes) $33
  • Pre-paid 12-session package $340, or ~$29 each

How do we get started?

To ensure your pet is healthy enough for these lifestyle changes, we recommend that you make an appointment with your veterinarian for a wellness exam and referral form completion. Thencontact our rehabilitation specialist, Kim Knap and Carrie Chandler-Harrison at 217-265-5314 or to schedule an appointment.